Flickr Bug! How to create more than 3 photosets with a free account!

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flickr logoWell here is the situation. You have a free Flickr account and you cannot make more than 3 photosets in order to keep your uploaded photos well-organised..Well, who said that? I have 6 photosets at the moment and I don’t pay anything to Flickr! How?

In order to make this thing happen you have to fill your photo account with a lot of pictures (200 exactly, I will explain that soon).6_flickr_sets.jpg By the time you upload them, create 3 sets as usual with the first pictures uploaded chronologically [ 3-4 pictures a set let's say ].

Flickr has the following limitations for all free Flickr accounts: “If you have more than 200 photos in the system, only the most recent 200 will be displayed.” (Taken from the limits page of Flickr help).

The next step is to upload 30-40 more photos in your account, so the first 30 photos cannot be displayed (as well as the sets that you have created before from them).

So now you will have 0 sets in the account, and the ability to create 3 new!

The final step is pretty obvious : Create 3 sets from the recently uploaded photos (yes, the last ones) and erase 30-40 pictures that you haven’t created a set for. And *magic*! The old photos will come up and with them your old sets!

So now you will have 3+3 = 6 sets with one single free Flickr account! Neat huh?

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