World Leaders: πολύ γέλιο

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Πρόκειται για μία σειρά 3D animation με τους world leaders να πετάνε απίστευτες ατάκες, ανάλογα με το στυλ του καθενός. Έτσι θα δείτε τον Bush να έχει το κλασσικό χαζό στυλάκι, τον Putin λιγομίλητο με ένα μυστηριώδες ύφος κλπ. Το επίσημο site με όλα τα επεισόδια είναι αυτό.

Έχω επιλέξει 2 βιντεάκια. Ένα εισαγωγικό για να μπείτε στο νόημα και ένα άλλο, στο οποίο παίζουν παντομίμα.. Δείτε τα παρακάτω.


Φωτογραφίες μπορείτε να βρείτε εδώ, wallpapers κλπ εδώ.

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February 14th, 2009 at 10:51 pm

Τέλειο!!! :)

February 17th, 2009 at 11:25 pm

Αν έχετε forthnet…μην προσπαθήσετε καν… λείπουν και τα controls και δεν μπορείς να κάνεις και pause :(

February 18th, 2009 at 1:16 am

@TNT η fothnet πού κολλάει στο θέμα;

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June 19th, 2014 at 8:25 pm

Men are always happy to cuddle with someone they love. It was fine for the first time in my life I think.
If you have any married friends ask them how they did it.
This can be very annoying and fake. Now, with the glossy
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E-dating sites attempt to fill this need with the use of technology, and filtering your personality traits with the same
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A lot of people also usually only click the box to show profile with images only.
Next, I rated things of importance from looks to income to religious preferences.

And to be honest, I am glad that online dating is spreading fast; fast
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Do you think you need a lot of money to get started? I am not here to offer relationship advice.

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With sympathy abound, Pisces are also well known in the mystic profession and are
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Speaking to someone else on the cell phone while you are on your date is
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For meeting other singles, online dating sites can provide you single dating with an exciting experience that can help
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I never give the caller any information; instead, I call the fraud number on the back
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Download this iPhone Call Recorder The following It is remarkably proposed that
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Chat Line Free Trial
June 30th, 2014 at 7:05 pm

You want to be able to be yourself and not feel as though you are someone else.

Dating tips for men are gaining a lot of popularity all over the place.
You are on own while it comes dating the strategies.
If someone is interested in you, then questions will
be asked. There is a type of woman that loves an engineer.
It’s unusual for anyone to say they do not have friends.
By yangutu : A how to tutorial about dating, dating tips, Relationships with step by step
guide from yangutu.

It is therefore absolutely imperative to consider
certain essential that are designed to bring you success irrespective of whether you are a novice or a veteran hand at dating.

The first and the most important tip is building your profile in a way that would attract many people.
A comfortable dress will keep you relaxed,
and you can enjoy every moment of your date. Unclear messages can lead to the fights
in certain couples. One must not discuss past relationships
with a new guy. Even a small argument can spoil all your plans for the day.

For some, online dating services still have a stigma.

They are used to succeeding at things. Your sending the message that you’re not interested
in this date by allowing your eyes to wander.

Guilt Is Normal There has to be a healthy balance of guilt when you are dating someone.
Once potential matches are found, members can send ice-breaking winks to them.
Things, including dating, are more manageable when broken down into parts.
Taking Her to Art Exhibitions You Know Nothing About The idea of
a perfect date is to do an activity that is of interest to both parties.

Don’t send any gibberish messages because they don’t make
any sense for most people. After the most cute
girl in the office should be yours. Never rush to have a physical relationship on the first date.
If you think it is probably a considerable romance which could
develop into a little something extended-time period, it is wise to introduce the particular person to your
boys and girls, and vice-versa.Think of a relatives-friendly
date at a theme park, playground, or pizza parlor,
or a different related public location for the time you introduce the person you are dating
to your kids. That may seem like a good idea, but it can get overwhelming and even complicated.
Are you falling in the confusion about how to find a like-minded mate?

Here’s what is important! By yangutu : A how to tutorial about Relationships
with step by step guide from yangutu. While to many this will not make any difference, there are
some who have religious and other objections to dating
a woman who is still someone else’s wife.
By following these dating tips for men you will increase your dating success.
As a result they may also tend to have sky-high egos.

These great tips may not only apply to Canada
girls or Canada women but also apply to all women in dating.

Some beautiful flowers, soft toys, chocolates, etc. Some men make mistakes on their date then later wonder why they are not getting another date with that person. Even if you as a woman flirt or plant a seed in their minds,
allow them to pursue you. I have seen it happen! The Don’ts of Finding Twitter Love Basically use common sense as you would in other dating type scenarios.
Be original, never a copy cat. What are you waiting
for get out there and start dating.

Follow these 7 tips to get a sexy woman. Guys especially are turned off when women talk about
their ex-boyfriends to them. Not only will you have a great
time. Nowadays, people believe that love can be found online
as well. The hope is that the other person is doing the same thing.
Females often look more beautiful using minimalistic makeup products.

4) Men are more attractive when there are women fighting over him Why is this?
Canada do not like Canada boys talk about intimate
in front of her: if you keep talking about intimate of your last girlfriend, she will be bored.
It just may take a little time. If you find yourself thinking,
“oh that’s just insecure.” Stop thinking that. Be sure to return the favor.
Calling all engineers: this one is for you. Make sure you are not sounding too loud
or too friendly right in the beginning.

Just move on further without caring this. So, you can get biggest chance to search your partner from the corner of world.
It may not be able to give you the comfort that you want, and
may rather spoil your time if you give too much attention to your outfit.

Dutch girls do not like Dutch men talk about intimate in front of her: if you keep talking about intimate of
your last girlfriend, she will be bored. Internet
Dating Tips – Dating Profile Examples For Men Let me ask you…

Do yourself a favor though; don’t date a “ditz”.

You will be glad to find that there are a lot of decent, kind and available
men who is looking for someone to love and that could just be you.
I once went on a blind date where every other word was a bad word.
Meet his friends – Who does he associate with? Using negative words
like lonely, sad, or brokenhearted is not a great dating headline and only gives people
who browse other dating profiles a negative impression of you.
Do not talk about your past relationships! Birthdays, special events, Christmas,
Halloween, and Thanksgiving are all great times of the year for pictures.

Pick some interesting subjects to talk about, and make sure the
conversation does not get boring. If you like him, it is your
responsibility to start a conversation. A lot of dates are flings and all the singles are not the marriage minded.
In many cases, a teenager in a relationship may have a dilemma
regarding how the parents may react to the relationship.
Sharing your dating adventures with your children is pointless and could be stressful for you both.
Further, have a mind of your own and don’t agree with him/her on everything.

It is a black singles dating site that connects black men and women over 50 years
old to their places of love, dating, romance,
companionship and lots more. Be honest with yourself Relationship advice is always a bit expected
because we are all a bit different. Don’t guess This is the
first thing that you should know when you want to text your partner.
The video focuses its attention more on helping you develop inner game or confidence.

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12) Fixtures to work around. Simply, promotional items are
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A lot of web sites often offrr loyalty schemes
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Take into account the an online carpet purchase comes with a hefty shipping cost.Fourth – Don’t let yourself be talked into
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confident with. If you are among the many people who
ddo their own cleaning, man-made fabrics like rahon andd microfiber might be a good option. Onne good example of grass
thast is good for transplanting is Buffalo grass seed.
Allow thhe baking soda and hot water too sit
for 10 minutes on the carpet, then uuse a wet/dry shop vacuum to
vacuum up the baking soda. Homemade carpet cleaners aare easy too use, cheap to make and ddo not pose a risk to pets, children and those whoo have sensitive
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Consider putting carpeting in your stairs to prevent anyy accidents.

There aree any othwrs such as color, style, texture, thickness, etc, but these are left to the homeowner’s taste.
The colour of the carpet is also an important factor when choosing new carpets.
Thhis is important to ddo to find the cheap cleaner
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Generally speaking, consumer carpet stain removal products contain abrasivfe chemicals.
It is important to get the best tnat suites the best
tto a person needs are requirements. Scratching
thee carpet att the edge of a door is a common occurrence in young animals
or for animals that have been introduced to a new
household. That is how the carpet becopmes threadbare and worn.

Anchyor the ends (or the middle) witth furniture if possible.
This durable Bleach Cleanable Carpet is long-lasting thus representing excellent value for money.
You will not save money in the long rrun here.
There’s nobody waiting to play through. You have to geet the best product and the best price that you
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However, with the cortrect tools, small jobs can be done by the
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When choosng your next carpet there are a few things you should look for.

Cats aand dogs have both been known to do this. Usually, the bigger thee job, the
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You can directly pour the powder in cracks andd holes where
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If yoou have too join two pieces of carpet together, seal the seams with sealing tape
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A cheap machine will cost more to repair than the original cost of the machine.
Carpet yarjs are twisted to add strength to the yarn. I did it with carlet samples.I bought
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They can provide cheap hard wearing commercial carpet for their rental property
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As you are working through your selection of an area rug for yoour log
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This is because they are not stain specific and are intenmded to address a wide variety of stains uch as blood, red wine, coffee, ooil and pet soiling.
Prices, discounts, and buying incentives, such as free installation can vary tremendously from
one seller to the next. There are soo manby differeht carpet cleaning products
on the market it is difficult to know which is most effective.
Pay attention to how big carpeting being
offered. The price for stripping older floor
may be higher.

This makes it easy to carry them frm the store, bring them to your house and lay thhem on the floor.
Based on your specific application and carpet location select the fiber that best fit’s the criteria you have set (above).
Buying inexpensive carpet will almost certainly cost yyou more cash in thhe long run.

free chat line phone numbers
August 14th, 2014 at 2:45 pm

Someone, called a dispatcher, ill work out the payment and will
find out what the caller is into before
you get on the phone. Your recording should siund natural in tone, and include exactly,
inn a manner that is appropriate for your comfort level, what you are seeking.

Jodi has her sister take her south of Yrerka to
a Budget Rent A Car agency. Even if they did, it probably woud be better for their image around the other guys if they did not.
There are so many different types of callers with
many different likes and interests. As Baskett and Wilkinson made thheir home in Philadelphia, and as
she shoots her reality show in the Philadelphia area,
it forced a separation between the two.

Is tthe experience of free Phone Sex similar than the normal sexual act?

If anything, sex addictions create fast chasms in friendships and relationships.

What do you mean by normal things? The use of sex toys has been around for quite some time and
it is interesting to nnote that the toys can bbe used together wkth
phone- sex. Most feel the self-loathing of people who aare working under capacity, and experience the pain and grief of liing a life of loost opportunuties and diminished personal potential.
Although everyone works hard every day and is very professional,
it is also a fuun loving, relaxed environment.

It helpoed me to pay a few bills, and buy myself some nice
things without havingg to leave the privacy of
my own home. This process also provides renewed work authorization to lawful permanent residents who usually face a longer waitin period due to visa number backlogs.
For a while after Wilkinson’s sex tape news broke, it seemed that the
couple were having problems in their marriage, despite the fac that they have
a young baby boy. Everything work-related can be done from the comfort of your
own home. Just listening to her describing how she was going to pleasure me with her mouth and her hands had I wet
in no time. Overuse off pornography Lots of people use pornography to spice up their
sex lives; usihg pornography for sexual gratification isn’t a problem
until it causes a problem.

For the sex addict, the answer to hiis inner problems
lay outside himself in the “magic” of sexual desire,
for or from, another. A big part of your job is to get the other person to tell you what they are looking for, be it a sexual encounter,
or a simle friendship, and then become their fantasy girl.
It is also defined as a phonee conversation that aims to sex arousal, stimulation, masturbation and orgasm.
Throughout media reoorts so far, random parent interviiews have been conducted.

Life onn the outside will go on. This leel of intimacy may
seem like it would not be fulfilling, but you will bbe sirprised at how
much power is wielded by two people in love.

You wwill need to check with the company you are interested in to know
what they expect and what you will nneed to do. Life in in jail for life will not be any bed of
roses and that’s a good thing. Although the telephone iis used for making
a communication between the people to exchange some words, yet it is
used as a tool to add more spice to your life when you are alone and
look for something naughty. Jasmine: Your welcome. Hoow mamy times did
Jodi view those grueslme photos yet every time right on Que the tears flowed.
Go on, don’t sit there all horny and frustrated, playing with yourself alone,
just thiinking about it, have some great phone sex of yyour own.

This company hires home-based ekployees on an employee-employer basis too answer customer service
calls for different lient companies. Many men gauge their lovemaking ability or sexual prowess by how much they are
able to please their woman in the sack. Then you can “log out” when you
want to stop taking calls. Phoone sex can geet rid
of that feeling of frustration and phone sex can help with that horny feeling.
Through phone seex I have realized that I
fantasies about being dominated by thhat older sexy
phone sex lesbian. Likee any other sexual activity,
it is very self involving and mind consuming.

Didn’t the moral implications of being a phone sex operator bother you at all?
Phone sex will open your eyes to a whole new world, and
phon seex will have you talking about things you
only ever read about. If you or youhr lover has never engaged in phone sex, then you may
be somewhat intimidated by what is, essentially,
a blank page on which to write. In the office, are tthe family photos on thzt desk??
He tells friends he “wants Jodi out of my life” forever.

If yoou are wearing something provocative describe it to
your lover. The Contrast of the Heartfelt Victim
Impact Statements and the Cold no Remorse Allocution Statement of the Convicted Murderer
If you want to see the “true stuff” of whijch Travis Alexander came from, youu only need to watch his
family. Partners are separated by careers with deployments far away from the home environment.
Each of us have a different opinion abouut the matters pertaining to thhe best
interests of the kids. Plus there is the research..

Timee has provenn thaat every technology has a dark side to it and it is often misused to
a disastrous extent only to be worn down by thhe advantagewous effects.

Unluckily, not everybody has the time to discover if this is probable orr noot before hopping from one website to the extra in search of free lookup.
Going on the premise that sex sells, someone came up
with the idea to raise money by offering a phone number for people to call to gain a sezual charge
from what they were hearing. Another thought is to disguise the sounds.
Jodi moves quickly to learn all shee can about Travis.
He felt alert, focused and alive. The wrriting styles have
changed over the years, and many more patrons will be coming to
the library to peruse their newly found choice for reading.

There has not been an official word has to how succerssful the attempt has been. Ask what she is wearing-Once the mood is build instantly
strike the question regarding what she has on right now.
By 6pm I had become “Charlene,” the phone sex operator and multi-taskerextraordinaire.

An abused immigrant who is married to a U.S. Undergraduate school had been difficult
for him. He “knows” he will never be able to join others in a world of productivity, balance,
self-respect and pride.

The care was nothing but a way to hide the fact that
he was cheating on her! Another time I was I was
on the phone with a man and sweeping my kitchen floors.
If I were in the ssame situation, desperate for cash and desperate to proide for myself and my daughter without assistance and if I had no romantic
relationship to honor, yes, I would do it again. They called me in a couple of days for an over the phone intervfiew and sad they liked my voice so they
hired me. I tell them I’m an actress andd leave it at that.

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free local phone chat
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Praise her onn her dressing style or the fragrances
sshe wears. If you think tbat chatting on cell phnes in public isn’t
really an etiquette problem, consider that the New York City Council voted to pas a law
in 2002 about this very same thing! I seem to have lost myy phone number, could I borfrow yours?
As long as your privacy iis maintained,which iit will be if you use a good site to geet your chat
line, tthen you can talk all you want on the pone without having to worry
about anyone knowing who you are. Or is itt just you being
paranoid, having being hurt so many times
in the past? All the choices are yours too make regarding your
phone chat business.

If you want to earn mone at home and have a good time doing so,
then this iis the way for you. It’s a personal decision thhat each freelancer musdt make themselves.
Alwsys meet in a public place or go with a friend. Chances
are that if you are considering such a service,
that you know that sex sells. You don’t need to be as attentive
as you wwould have to be in person.

Morre Options Facetime’s options aare very limited and are comprised of pretty much just contact
and calling options while fringe goes above and beyond allowing users
to tweak settings to their liking and giving users
the ability to make fringe their own. Most off them, really, could
wait. The more you listen to the pesrson whoo is calling,
the more in tune with their needs you can get. Since the
your cell phone is it goes witthout saying smalller than a pcc or laptop computer,it’s simpler to entry your profile and
verrify messages from prospective dates. No other factor is a more
significant cause of driver distraction than cell phone usage.

You can do this whern yoou goo to an online site that
will offer yoou the line, the sevice as well as a way too get the word out there that your chat line is open for business.
Datfing sites are all over the web and each one promises a date that very night
it seems. There’s no free trail period; you use the service ffor
free as long as you want to, and no information regarding your credit
card, personal details, or even fees iss ever asked.

I was the only cast member who knew itt would be successful.

It can become really steamy when you are engaged in a phone sex conversation.

In the beginning, those people who come oon and think they can sing, sometimes
have deep problems, so Simon giving tough llove is good to discourage them from wasting money and timme on a
singing career. However, when he calls the local phone personals, he is able to
shed that shy skin aand rwveal hinself to be a man off intellect, humor,
and a sexiness that seems to ooze through thee phone.

Considering the part called for him to be a featured extra, he knew it wasn’t top billing.

Know who they email and how they know this person.
A couple of months earlier, shhe “met” a man in a, supposedly, safe chat room.

So, allow me to cover some initial pointers before
I ggo about elaborating on topics to talk about with girls.

What would Toto say and so on. Always carry a mmobile phone with you andd
try to call your friends as many times as possible to let them know you are ok.
Not being able to say no annd pick and choose my calls
was my downfall from Phone “Actress” Superstardom! If you canno prove that you aree a egal adult you should exlect that the
phone conversation will not go through.

In short, they do not have to worry about being judged.

They can be a grwat way to get an anonymous sexual release by speaking with someone they do not know and discussing
sexual practices that interest and aroue them. The Samsungg
Chat 322 is also available in the pay aas you go ofcers with the power of prepayment.

You may want to consider whether there iss a set fee
in addition to an hourly or per-minute rate and whether the charges will be billed too a phone bill or to a credit card.
Once you are ready tto face the dating scene
full onn the face, then youu will be happy to know that adult chat and phone
line services are still there to help you.

If youu decide to date anyone you meet on a phone chat line ensure that your first few dates are
in public places. So hoow iis it possible for someone to be
so good, and meet them inn a chat room off all the places?
Do not accept ann offer for a lift from your date.
The second offense thaqt many cell phone users make, goes along
with answering their phones in public areas.

There is also no proof that you did what the client really
wanted when there is no written agreement. Unlike the
more gullible Queen, Blair immediately knew that he was being punk’d because the rsal Hague would always call hhim “Prime Minister” in conversations.
You may think tjat in order to make money aat phonesex that
you just have to talk raunnchy into the phone all of the
time sso that it turns on the other person.It does sound lie it’s
too ggood too be true. Manyy married men are reluctant about discussing anythingg like this with their spouse as
she may be shocked at hat his fantasies concerning sex
really are.

As millions of us are llosing our jobs, or having our discxretionary
spending budget cut drastically, we now look
at cell phones as an extreme convenience and a marvelous option — one that we would not want
to give up if wwe could help it — but not the absolute necessity we mmay hazve once thought
them to be. When thyey call up a phone sex chat line, however, they can let it out.
Using the free phone chat trial is easy where the user
has to just enter the area code. Thiis is often called cell phone chat.
That is why we seek make itt easier to from professional matchmakers.

If, however, yoou are someone who wants a visual experience, you may be better off trying out a video chat rather than having a conversation over the telephone.
All you need to do is just make sure that your Inter service firm is
technical sound and strong. Think about anything
onsidered illegal and punishable by law and yoou will get thee ideea of what cannot be discussed; under aged sex,
pedophilia, bestiality etc. Then, get readey to enjoy the
Olympics and all their glory with your lpved ones,
friends, and collegues near and far. Prime Minister Tony Blair In 1998, London deejay Steve Penk caloled Number 10 Downing Street and
got through to British Prime Minister Tonny

One safety rule that you will want to follow, however,
is making sure that yyour private information is just tyat – private.
Find other methods of finding love. To find some phone chat
numbers in your lkcal area you should loook in a phone book (or the white pages
online). I never have thought of myself as a prude by any stretch
of the imagination but appparently theree are freakishly freaky people out
there who makke me look like Mother Theresa! The third party site will noot only give you a safe line to use,
butt will also collect for you from the clients who call.

By David boon : A how to tutorial about Samsung Chat
350, Samsung Chat 322, Samsung mobile phones,
Technology with step bby step guide from David boon.