Wiggler Vidcast Episode 2 – English Version

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matoula.jpgIt is a fact (as we can see from the site traffic) that we have visits from some foreign countries. They are using the site tranlation in order to see the posts. Even if they are the minority of the visitors, we decided that we should make english subtitles for the vidcast. With this way everyone foreign visitor can give a try to the vidcast. The subject of the vidcast is mainly techology related.
Here is the topics that are being covered:

  • Automatix ( Ubuntu script )
  • Netvibes ( Web 2.0 site )
  • Mp4 codecs και high definition videos
  • Reveal ( Firefox Extension )
  • Veronica Mars ( TV Series )

There are two download links for the vidcast,one is mp4 ( h.264 video,aac sound ) and the other avi ( xvid video,mp3 sound ). In order to see the mp4 version you will need of course some necessary codecs,whick you can download from here.

Of course,don’t forget to download the english subtitles from here!
We are waiting for comments and we are hoping that you will find it enjoyable!

P.S. The original greek post for this episode is this.

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February 25th, 2010 at 11:59 pm

Thanks for the infos!