Feature Request: Google please unify your Gtalk gadget!

Published by stelabouras in Internet, Software, Tech


Well, I don’t know if anyone else had the same idea (I am pretty sure that I am not the only one) but here is the thing: Wouldn’t it be just great if Google talk web gadget (as shown inside Gmail interface) existed in -almost- every Google service?

Let’s state the facts here. If you are using Google’s services like Gmail, Gdocs, Greader you may have noticed that Google talk (Gtalk) gadget exists only in Gmail web application. I personally think that its existence in both Gdocs and Greader is not only fundamentally cool and energy saving (alt-tab alt-tab) but also very very useful for you and your online friends.

Google Reader

If you are using Greader as an aggregator of your RSS subscriptions, you will notice the “social” features of this service, such as “Shared items”, “Notes” and integration with your friend list.

I think that Gtalk gadget inside Google reader would save lots of time as you and your (online) buddies will be instantly aware of the new RSS items that you (& your friends) value as important either by linking them in chat window or by “sharing” an item and making this instantly available to everyone online.

Google Docs

When I hear Gdocs, doc collaboration is coming to my mind. What’s better than 2-3 people collaborating in the same document? Well, the ability of having them chat in the same time and discuss about the document! Don’t you think?

I am not sure if this feature is under construction in Google Labs / Googleplex / Google Dungeons ( :P ), but I think that many people will find it useful in the long run.

What do you think? Can you think of any other Google service that this integration will help you and your friends with?